Talk Tompkins

Talk Tompkins is a series of portrait photographs of and audio interviews with some of the varied people that make up my home county in the Fingerlakes region of upstate New York. 

Say Peekskill

In an exploratory visit to Peekskill, NY, I was immediately intrigued: a diverse but compact community closely linked to the New York City metropolis, an impressive and rugged location on the Hudson River, a post-industrial town with a long, sometimes difficult history, and a vibrant art community. I found myself curious about what it is like to live there. So I decided to ask some people who do.

People Who Came to my House

I asked  people who were providing a service or making a delivery at my former house in a well-to-do neighborhood in Chicago if I could make their portraits. They were part of the large body of seen and unseen people who made my life easy and comfortable.